Another Year has gone by and we are still left with one thing :

Boi 2017 sure sucked.

So let's look back to the past and see just exactly why 2017 was a terrible year and maybe, just maybe, why is somewhat decent.

2017 : Why it was terrible

Let's list things off. Ok? Trump election, Ajit Pai, Net Neutrality :(, People being "racist" or "sexist", Every Fandom, The fact that Code Geass S3 will never come, The fact that my discord server gained more AIDS, Jake Paul, School,

2017 : Why it was survivable

We had some good anime this year. Oh and Persona 5, man that was a good game. Also the switch came out soooo... Done Deal, best year obviously.

In conclusion

So with that 2017 is done for good and now we look towards the future for another awful, no good, very bad year known simply as 2018.